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Denver at Kansas City (1 Viewer)

was it just me or do they not have the announcers and tape delay aligned? Announcer called the interception while the ball was in the air!

When a player leaves from 105+ why does it seem that the pursuit lets up and these big returns happen

As a patriots fan, regarding the playoffs picture, I'm confused about who to root for.

Chiefs defense finally stepping back up.

Just read DT injury is a bruise and will return.

Back on the field dropping easy catches.

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Did something change in the NFL where it pays to catch a punt inside the 10?
Yes, punters are much better now at getting the ball to bounce sideways rather than forwards. A decade+ ago, if you let it go inside the ten it was usually a touchback. Not anymore.

What is up with KC D - last week against the Chargers and this week so far they are getting gashed pretty good

Not getting this game in NE Ohio. Is Ihenacho playing? I can't find anything saying he is out, however, 0 stats thus far.


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