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Denver at San Diego (1 Viewer)

That was awesome. Was screaming "WR screen, he loves that play" as he went in motion. He's fun to watch, it's too easy.

I'd pay good money to punch that woman who is the "narrator" on the Best Buy commercials. (And then throw pennies at her)

Do the Chargers realize that their running the ball plan is not working yet??
Meanwhile they are within 1 score and Manning has been off the field for a week.
If people think you can beat Peyton in a shoot out they are wildly mistaken. Look at the Cowboys game. Now look at how the Colts beat the Broncos. Keep the score low and Peyton off the field.

Denver's undoing is going to be that they actually run too much. Seems like every time they have a drive that ends with a punt it came on a series of downs where they ran at least twice on the three plays.


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