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Deontay Burnett (1 Viewer)


The Titans probably maybe probably cut this kid and hope he lands on the practice squad.

He won't. 

He's a real nice deep dynasty WR

Burnett has been so automatic in the slot that the reporters were trying to track when the last time was that he dropped a pass.

He is 20. Was a UDFA from USC.

He is tied for the team lead in receiving this summer.

So that's why I think deep dynasty guys should grab him and see what happens this weekend.

Still so annoyed and grrr the Titans cut him

Anyway, he got in last week and his college QB is throwing to him. As Kearse put up a stinker, Pryor is gone, and Matthews was signed...we might need to keep an eye out for the 20 year old

"On offense, rookie wide receiver Deontay Burnett made the most of his opportunity to play on Sunday by being the team’s most productive wide receiver. Per PFF, Burnett played the second most snaps at wide receiver and finished the game with a 75.5 grade, which was second best out of all rookie wideouts this past week."

4 for 61 

Also, he's 21 years old now, not 20

He absolutely bailed Darnod out a couple of times at USC, he's definitely worth a monitor.  He fit right in with any WR from this class other than Ridley, Kirk, or Sutton. 

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