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Derrik Smith or Brandon Moore (1 Viewer)


Guys the last 2 weeks I see that Brandon Moore has really been doing pretty good here with the oppurtunity to start.. Is he a better pickup than Derrik Smith from here on out!

people run on SF, so you are going to get your points for tackles.. question is who can get to the QB on the blitz packages more often

Smith has more value right now that Moore. Smith moved into the spot vacated by Ulbrich, while there isn't a huge difference I would tend to go with the guy who has produced in the past.

I have both and flipped a coin this past week, and Moore won the toss. He chipped in with an INT and 1-1-0. Smith went 5-1-0.Last week, Moore went 6-1-1, Smith 6-1-0. To me, Moore appears to be making the bigger plays right now and I'll probably start him moving forward until they get one of their starters back. They play the G-men this week and Wash LB's had big tackle numbers against them.


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