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Polish Hammer

made of glass
OK, my matchup this week (second round of playoffs) is important. Moreso, my IDPs need to be performers for me to pull out a win, every point counts. I'll list my starters, scoring system, and FA, and you tell me what to do. Sound good? Good! Start: 1 LBReceive: 1 point per tackle, 1 point per sack, 2 points per FR or INTHave: Donnie EdwardsTop FA: Tommy Polley, Gary Brackett, Danny Clark, Andra DavisStart 1 DLReceive: 2 points per tackle, 1 point per sack, 2 points per FR or INTHave: Michael StrahanTop FA: Patrick Kerney, James Hall, Justin Smith, Leonard Little, John AbrahamStart 1 DBReceive: 1 point per tackle, 2 points per sack or FR, 3 points per INTHave: Greg WesleyTop FA: Brian Dawkins, Tory James, Ken Lucas (1, 2, and 3 on the Lineup Dominator for this week), Carlos Rogers, Sheldon BrownIf you think there are any candidates that are better options than those listed, let me know those too! Thanks for your efforts folks....I'm counting on you!!!

I'd keep what you have. The only thing I might consider is starting DL Abraham. However, he has been very inconsistent this year... You never know what he is going to do. He can put up big numbers in any given week.


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