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**Detroit at New York** (-3, 44.5) (1 Viewer)

Ministry of Pain

The irony that a team from the state of New York is flown from their stadium to Detroit to play a football game and meanwhile the team from Detroit comes to New York and oh never mind,
maybe it’s I’m in Michigan, but the lions hype is getting big. Me thinks the Football Giants give them a beat down.

I have a lot of Slayton rec props today also.
Rodriguez is healthy again. Charles Harris and Josh Paschal are out. Comisky, Julian Okwara and Hutchinson need to generate pressure today.

Barkley is a load, have to avoid chunk plays.

Giants run D is porous. Could be a big day for the Lions RBs.

DJ Chark back this week but IIR he and Goff have never been on the same page (7/18 catch rate.)
I thought Detroit would have a better record than they have at this point. I did not think The Giants would have the record they have at this point. Detroits offense is capable of putting points up. Giants defense doesn't look special but they seem to make plays when they have to. No secret as to what The Giants want to do on offense,Barkley left,Barkley right Jones make a third down conversion. With the expectations going into the season and the injuries The Giants have had it's amazing to me the wins they have piled up. Brian is the clear choice for coach of the year right now. Can't get off The G train just yet,the formula is there,keep the game close,make plays on both sides of the ball in the fourth quarter...

Big Blue- 27
Lions- 24
Personal, I don't know if anybody cares about this, but I'll post it anyway.

In my main dynasty league, my TE1, Dallas Goedert, has been put on IR. My other viable TE, Gerald Everett, is questionable and likely not going tonight. Even if he is going, he has to account for targets to Keenan Allen and Mike Williams. I am making a desperation start today from this game. I do not know who that is yet as waivers haven't run. But it's a wing and a prayer, and I hope for a high-scoring game that goes at a breakneck pace back and forth because the Lions jump out to a lead and force NY to play keep up. That's the only way I see value out of the TE position for me today.

There. Aren't you all better for having read that.

My prediction, sans any personal stuff?

The Lions receiving corps is suspect. They can't move the ball like usual, and the Giants control the ball and do just enough on defense to squeak out a close one, 24-23.
NewYork 20
Detroit 17

That's the easy projection but I think the Lions will do something today and perhaps find their way to 3 in a row if they win today? That would get some positive attention for DC
I know Daboll has them playing well and Barkley seems to be back to his former self but I still think Daniel Jones can disappoint

I'm gonna flip that score around and I'll say

Detroit 20

The Lions get the win and return home to warm seat cushions
15-20 MPH winds in NY. Shouldn't hurt Amon-Ra St. Brown because of the route he runs, but guys who run deeper routes are effed.
Hutchinson is quickly becoming a premier Edge guy in the NFL
Not many can create interceptions at the position
Reminds me of Jason Taylor from Miami back in the day

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