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**Detroit at New York** (-3, 44.5) (1 Viewer)

announcers “Giants not designed to play from behind”

reality: 5 GWD & 4 4th quarter comebacks this year

Jerry Jacobs (replaced Okudah) down after kick return
McKinney breaking his hand during the bye week and Jackson with a knee injury, returning punts :sehorn: may be the pivot point this season. chuckling they have to play Dallas in 4 days.

Jordan Schultz

Breaking: #Giants CB Adoree’ Jackson suffered a sprained MCL and will be out 3-5 weeks, sources tell @theScore.

The injury occurred when he was returning a punt vs the #Lions. Jackson has enjoyed a stellar season thus far for the GMen.
The Saints are ahead by 3 vs LAR and have the ball. But many teams with 3 wins are in the mix for a top 5 pick. With a good oline, Goff is pretty good.
3rd & 5

let’s try Saquon up the middle again

4th & 5 Jones sails the pass Kerby Joseph 3rd INT

just going Detroit’s way today
the decision to keep/cut Jared has to precede the start of the league year, 6-7 weeks before the draft

he’ll almost surely be the Lions QB in 2023, his salary has become low midrange with all the new deals
Yeah, it's not looking good for the Giants. When the bus drive Barkley is getting limited to this extent, asking Jones to drive the bus even on this secondary is a daunting task. Giants gonna need wacky turnovers/weird plays to get back into this one.
Daniel Jones is a major problem in trying to feel good about projections with this offense week in and week out
They should be doing well today vs the 32nd Ranked Pass Defense
Danny Pennies needs to have some stiff competition for the starting role here.
last 2 Lions drives
  • 3 plays 3 yards 1:03
  • 3 plays 7 yards 1:38
need to bleed some time here


going up against Gano

that’s (-2.00) in our format

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