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Detroit Lions WR2 (1 Viewer)


Hail to the Chief
Matthew Stafford passes for a ton of yards. His TD's passes regressed last year. He has the best WR in the game in Calvin Johnson.

The front office has been trying without success to find a good starting WR to play opposite him for some time.

Other WR's on the roster are Nate Burlson (returning from broken leg), Mike Thomas, Ryan Broyles (rehabbing torn ACL for 2nd straight year), still very raw rookie VA Tech speedster WRCorey Fuller, and re-tread journeymen Brian Robiskie and Devin Thomas - along with a laundry list of other virtual unknowns.

Other pass catchers not at WR(to help the downfield passing game) include Brandon Pettigrew, who at TE was highly touted but last year played with what looked hands of stone. The addition of Reggie Bush would also seem to be a boon to the short passing game.

Who do you see being the go-to guy at WR not named Calvin Johnson?

Until Broyles fully recovers I would expect Nate Burleson to be the short term answer. Burleson has his own injury issues, but reports are he should fine for the start of the season. I know some people like Mike Thomas, but I haven't been that impressed with him.

The answer is probably Reggie Bush, but this is definitely worth tracking throughout camp.

Broyles will be the guy once he's 100%, but given how getting him back in less than a year after an ACL went last year, I expect Lions to error on the side of conservative with his time.

Burleson or Thomas could be good for some cheap PPR production in the first half of the season, will be important to watch who seems more prominent in camp/preseason/early games. I wouldnt draft either except in very deep leagues, but they could be one of the hot early WW pickups.

Corey Fuller is really intriguing because he has deep speed and a good game tracking the deep ball over his shoulder and otherwise making a play on the ball in flight. He is still relatively green and might have a steeper learning curve, but long term I like him as a low cost/high upside deep dynasty investment.

I think it will be Broyles. I have read reports that Broyles feels a lot stronger this year compared to last and it was the other ACL. I haven't read anything on it but maybe this tear wasn't as severe as the first?

Should be fun to watch. Tony Scheffler was kept despite a 2.5 mil cap hit and Brandon Pettigrew will be involved. Throw in Bush and Broyles return from injury along with Burleson and we could see a bunch if guys between 30 & 50 catches

Bad situation that they really should've addressed. Calvin will continue to see triple coverage in the red zone and highly unlikely anyone will take advantage.


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