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Devin Hester - Week 5 Payoff... Repeat Week 6? (1 Viewer)


Lloyd isn't going to play this week again. Last week Hester tore up a bad DET team. Now CHI faces ATL, who is just as bad against the pass (only 28 more yards allowed per game).

He's established himself as a 1-2 option in the CHI passing game, not to mention he's pretty much guaranteed at least a couple of points on KR/PR yardage

Do you see him repeating his stats this week?

I do, but wondering what others think

Hester is going to be my sneaky start this week. I will put him in my lineup over Derrick Mason and Antonio Bryant as my 3rd WR. An added bonus is that my league awards FP's for position players who score special teams TD's.

He's a pretty risky start if u don't get points for KR/PR, but if you do, his return yards are pretty much insurance.

I just picked up Hester off the WW this past week, but I'm a little hesitant to start him this week. My reservations are based upon Orton and the Falcon pass rush which has been pretty strong this year.

Abraham may single-handedly destroy the Bear passing attack today.


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