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Devy Dynasty Trade - Bijan Robinson and CMC (1 Viewer)


My nephew is trying to get Bijan Robinson from me. This is a 10 Team Dynasty/Devy PPR League.

He is pretty much the consensus #1 DEVY player. He has offered me CMC, DJ Uiagalelei (His Devy Player) and his next DEVY pick or his 1st Rd rookie pick for my Bijan Robinson and my 1st Rd pick. We are both sitting at #5 and #6 in the standings currently.

My RB's are: A.Jones. E.Elliott, AJ Dillon, R.Stevenson, K.Walker III, E.Benjamin, J.Warren, I.Pacheco

A little older at the top and CMC is not getting any younger. However, I would be getting a proven RB for Bijan, who may do nothing AND I get a QB in a Superflex.

What say you?


Who are your QBs in this SF league? Do you need one?

When you say he's offering his Devy pick - what does that mean? I'm assuming there's only devy draft round each year based on what you said. Who is eligible for it? Only freshmen/soph, or other? Can't quantify the value of that pick without a little more info. I'd likely choose his first round rookie pick over it though. But if you're giving a first too, that negates it so the trade is basically DJU + CMC for Bijan. ehhhhhh.......

CMC is a declining asset in dynasty. He's the type of guy you only trade for if you're going for a championship IMMEDIATELY. I would not want to do this deal unless you were VERY confident that CMC is the missing piece you need to go and win a title THIS YEAR.

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