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Devy League Opening: Lots of draft picks !!! (1 Viewer)


We have an opening in our Devy Dynasty League.  If you did not know devy leagues allow you to carry college players and this is a dynasty league format.  We start 10 players (1qb, 2-3 rb, 3-4 wr, 1-2 te, k, def).  The entry fee is $55.85 ($50 + hosting site fee of $5.85.  We only want owners who want to be in this league long term.  The new owner will need to pay the league entry fee via PayPal before I turn over this team to you.  Below you will find the roster of this team, the draft picks for this team, and the league rules.   If interested send me a private message.

This open team has some good players and lots of picks in the upcoming draft.

The picks this team has are:  1.01, 2.01, 2.07, 2.08, 3.01, 3.08, 4.01, 4.08





Bradford, Sam MIN QB




Newton, Cam CAR QB (Q)




* Perine, Samaje FA RB




Barber, Peyton TBB RB (R)




Barner, Kenjon PHI RB




Crowell, Isaiah CLE RB




Hyde, Carlos SFO RB




Ingram, Mark NOS RB




Williams, Jonathan BUF RB (R)




Yeldon, T.J. JAC RB




Adams, Davante GBP WR




Austin, Tavon RAM WR




Brown, John ARI WR




Butler, Brice DAL WR




Coates, Sammie PIT WR




Fuller, Will HOU WR (R)




Funchess, Devin CAR WR




Hill, Tyreek KCC WR (R)




Hogan, Chris NEP WR




LaFell, Brandon CIN WR




Hooper, Austin ATL TE (R)




McDonald, Vance SFO TE (I)




Tamme, Jacob ATL TE (I)




Walford, Clive OAK TE




Santos, Cairo KCC PK




Cowboys, Dallas DAL Def

The devy players currently on other rosters are:  Saquon Barkley, Nick Chubb, Leonard Fournette, Ju Ju Smith-Schuster, Jalen Hurd, Samaje Perine (on this Open Team), Dalvin Cook, Christian McCafrey, Corey Davis, Mike Williams, Barry Sanders Jr, L J Scott.

Our league rules:



bertjones: Unforgettable Buzz (Logout | Become Commissioner)
Help Center

Ultimate Football Dynasty League League Settings





General League Setup

Commissioner Email Address:

Send Email To Commish

Commissioner Username(s):


Total Number of Divisions:


Number of Franchises:


Number of Roster Spots:


Number of Injured Reserve Spots:


Head-To-Head Matchups:


Each Player can be on:

1 rosters per League

At the start of the season, rosters are determined by:

On-line, long-running (email) draft, taking several days/weeks to complete.

Abilities Setup

Franchise Abilities:

Submit lineups


Perform waivers / FA moves


Drop players at any time


Propose / accept trades


Make IR moves


Write league articles


Post to message board


Post to league chat and trash-talk videos


Post to bulletin board


Change franchise setup info


Create league polls


Customize home page


View 'Prev. Proc. Waivers' report


Participate in survivor pool


Participate in NFL pool

Commissioner Lockout:

Yes, the commissioner has given up his ability to view pending owner-initiated transactions.

Standings Setup

Standings Sort Criteria #1:

Overall Winning Percentage

Standings Sort Criteria #2:

Total Points Scored

Standings Sort Criteria #3:

Head-To-Head Record

Standings Sort Criteria #4:

Victory Points

Standings Sort Criteria #5:


Standings Sort Criteria #6:


Standings Sort Criteria #7:


Standings Sort Criteria #8:


Standings Sort Criteria #9:


Standings Sort Criteria #10:


Standings Sort Criteria #11:


Division/Conference Setup


Monsters of the Midway , Purple People Eaters , Steel Curtain

Accounting Setup

General Scoring Setup

Calculate Fantasy Results From:

Week 1 through Week 16

Number of Decimal Places For League Scoring:


Ties Are:

Decided by 1 selected non-starting players at Any Position

Starting Lineup Setup

Total Starters:


Number of Starting QBs:


Number of Starting RBs:


Number of Starting WRs:


Number of Starting TEs:


Number of Starting PKs:


Number of Starting Defs:


Hide starting lineups from all owners until:

Never hide starters.

Should owners be allowed to submit players on bye as starters?


Roster Position Limits Setup

Number Of QB on Roster:


Number Of RB on Roster:


Number Of WR on Roster:


Number Of TE on Roster:


Number Of PK on Roster:


Number Of Def on Roster:


Other League Settings

Display NFL Player Injury Status?


Display Top Performers/Player Stats Report?


Display Rosters Report?


Display NFL Opponent's Passing/Rushing Rank On Submit Lineup Page?


Display NFL Bye Weeks/NFL Schedule?


Display NFL News Articles?


Display NFL Free Agents on Fantasy Free Agent Lists?


Display NFL Rookies With (R) Next To Name?


Time Zone:


Display "Drafted" Column on Rosters Report?


Are league reports private (Not accessible to guests)?


Is league home page private (Not accessible to guests)?


Draft Setup

Draft Pick Time Limit Turned:

On and set to 24:00 hours

Weekly Lineup Setup

Lineup Submission Deadline:

Players Are Locked At Kickoff Of Their Game

Are Partial Lineups Allowed?


Waivers Setup

Prevent Owners From Making ANY Waiver/Free Agent Moves Between Kickoff of that player's game and the end of the last game of the week?


Blind Bidding Waivers Setup

Maximum Amount Each Owner Can Spend During The Season On Blind Bid Waivers:


Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood Total Year-To-Date Spent On Blind Bidding:


Unforgettable Buzz Total Year-To-Date Spent On Blind Bidding:


Mahone Bay Hitmen Total Year-To-Date Spent On Blind Bidding:


Cobra Kai Total Year-To-Date Spent On Blind Bidding:


Open Team Total Year-To-Date Spent On Blind Bidding:


Portsmouth Spartans Total Year-To-Date Spent On Blind Bidding:


Dexter Total Year-To-Date Spent On Blind Bidding:


Green Acres Total Year-To-Date Spent On Blind Bidding:


Dead Souls Total Year-To-Date Spent On Blind Bidding:


The Mixtape Romantics Total Year-To-Date Spent On Blind Bidding:


ELKCAT Total Year-To-Date Spent On Blind Bidding:


All Blind Bids Must Be In Increments Of:


Minimum Blind Bid Amount:


Amount charged to blind bidding balance for each player acquired via FCFS waivers:


Should "Blind Bidding Waivers" Be Automatically Processed?


Are Conditional Blind Bids Allowed?


Do Winning Blind Bid Waiver Amounts Get Charged To An Owner's Accounting Report As "Real" Dollars?


Blind Bidding Ties Are Broken By:

Sort Criteria Listed Below

Blind Bidding Ties Sort Criteria #1:

Overall Winning Percentage

Blind Bidding Ties Sort Criteria #2:

Total Points Scored

Blind Bidding Ties Sort Criteria #3:

Head-To-Head Record

Blind Bidding Ties Sort Criteria #4:

Victory Points

Blind Bidding Ties Sort Criteria #5:

Power Rank

Blind Bidding Ties Sort Criteria #6:


Blind Bidding Ties Sort Criteria #7:


Blind Bidding Ties Sort Criteria #8:


Blind Bidding Ties Sort Criteria #9:


Blind Bidding Ties Sort Criteria #10:


Blind Bidding Ties Sort Criteria #11:


Trades Setup

When An Owner Accepts A Trade:

The trade is immediately processed.

Display Trade Comments To All Owners?


Allow Trades That Would Create Invalid Rosters To Go Through?


When A Trade Causes An Invalid Roster, Allow Owner To Submit Lineup?


Default Number Of Days For A Trade Proposal To Be Valid For:


Injured Reserve Setup

Player Must Be Classified As Before Being Deactivated:


Can a player be deactivated when he is listed as "Suspended"?


In case of an IR violation, prevent owner from submitting lineup?


Additional League Rules Setup

[SIZE=larger] League Constitution[/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]Teams and Setup[/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]The league will be made up of three divisions of 4 teams each.  Owners will participate in a 13 game regular season each year with a playoff involving six (6) teams.  Three division winners seeded #1 and #2 and #3 and 3 wildcard teams seeded #4 thru #6.  The two division winners with the best records will receive byes the first week of the playoffs.  Week 15 will have the #1 seed playing the lowest remaining seed (example #6 seed is the lowest seed) and the #2 seed will play the remaining team. The Championship game is played in week 16.  [/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]Divisions will change yearly, in order to try and keep even competition equal among divisions.  Based on the following seasons win/loss record, the divisions will be realigned.  Top record will go to Division 1, 2nd best will go to Division 2, 3rdbest will go to Division 3, 4th [/SIZE]best will go to Division 1, and that process continues until all teams have been assigned a new division.  In the event of equal records, total points scored will be used as the tiebreaker. 

[SIZE=larger]Should an Owner leave the league for any reason, a capable replacement will be found.  [/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger] [/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]Initial Draft[/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]There will be a 24 round initial draft.  The draft will be a 3rd round reversal.  Simply put, this is exactly like a regular serpentine draft except round 3 is reversed.  So the team with the last pick in the 1st [/SIZE]round would have the 1st pick in every even round as in a normal serpentine, as well as having the 1st pick in the 3rd round.  All other odd number rounds would revert back to them having the last pick in the round. 

[SIZE=larger]Draft position will be chosen by owners, based on a random order generator.  The random order generator will give an order of owners, and owners will choose their draft slots in that order. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]Draft picks can be traded before and during the initial draft, as well 2011 rookie draft picks. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]All current NFL players, including NFL rookies, as well as all current college players are eligible to be drafted.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]College Players[/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]A maximum of 12 college players can be on rosters at any point in time.  There is a maximum of 4 players allowed per team.  Teams can continue to choose college players up until the 12th player is off the board, at which point no more players may be chosen.  To be considered a college player, a player must be on a college roster or have signed their letter of intent to intend a college (ie no high school prospects can be chosen until their letter of intent has been signed).  Once a player is drafted onto an NFL team, he loses his status as a college player and becomes an NFL rookie.  These players are eligible to be traded the same as any other player.   If a development prospect is released by a team, that player is ineligible to be picked up by another.  They will instead be available to be drafted as either a regular rookie or devy in the following rookie draft, whichever they are eligible for.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]Rookie Draft[/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]The rookie draft will be 4 rounds, held annually in May.  The draft order for the first 6 picks will be in order of worst record to best among non-playoff teams. For picks 7-12, the order will slotted based on playoff finish, with the league champion receiving the 12th pick.   In the event of a tie in record, total points scored will be used at the tiebreaker, with less points scored meaning the earlier pick. Both rookies and college players are eligible to be drafted.  If for example there are currently 7 college players rostered, an additional 5 will be able to be rostered during that rookie draft.  All rookie draft picks can be traded.  A pick is considered a future pick if there is still a rookie draft in between now and when that pick is.  For example, a 2011 draft pick is considered a future pick up until the conclusion of the 2010 draft, when it then becomes simply that years pick.  Picks can only be traded 1 year in advance. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]There will be a 24 hour timer for draft picks to be made.  If you do not make your pick within your 24 hours, the next team will be on the clock.  At that point the team who has missed their pick can come in at any time and make their missed selection. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]Supplemental Draft[/SIZE]

The supplemental draft will be setup in a thread with bids made publicly in an auction style format open for approx. two days. Bids for a player can be made using the team's following season's draft picks still owned (any picks acquired/lost through trade are not eligible to be bid). Highest bid gets the player and loses the pick that was bid. Value of the following season's picks will be based on the order of draft from the most recent rookie draft.  


Rosters will be a minimum of 14 players, and a maximum of 26 players.  

[SIZE=larger]A player is eligible only at the position listed on the league site.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]The starting lineup will consist of the following[/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 DEF, 1 FLEX (RB, WR, TE)[/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]If a player is not in the MFL player database but was signed by an NFL team and you wish to pick him up, post a message on the league site stating you wish the commish to add a proxy player of the same name.  You can then put a bid in for that player if we're in BB mode or you will get that player immediately if we're in first-come-first-serve mode.[/SIZE]



[SIZE=larger]Teams will have $1000 of blind bid dollars to use throughout the season. Bids must be made in increments of $1.  After the blind bid process for the week is concluded, regular first come first serve waivers will be in place at no charge of blind bid dollars.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=larger]We will run one last waivers and then FCFS starts for the off-season.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]Off-season after our rookie draft[/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]After our rookie draft I will set up the calendar event to have blind bid waivers each week, starting on Monday at 12:00 am ET and ending on Friday at 10:00 pm ET.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=larger]PPR league. 4 pt/TD pass, 6 pt/TD rush or receive.  .75 PPR for RB, 1 PPR for, 1.25 PPR for TE[/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]Any scoring dispute must be made after the current week's games, and before the next week's first game. Changes will only be made if the hosting site allows it. The hosting site decisions on scoring is final unless a mistake has been made in the rules setups, which means that the hosting site setups contradict what is stated in the constitution. If that is the case, then the commissioner will use the constitution to change the hosting site setup if possible. It is the responsibility of each owner to read the constitution and compare it with the hosting site and make any discrepancies known to the league.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]We will apply MFL previous week stat changes if they are received by MFL before the start of the next week's games.   They usually get them on Wed or Thurs each week, but they could come much later.  Once a new week's game starts, the previous week's games are official.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger] [/SIZE]


A. Order of Tiebreakers, Standings

1.) Total Points Scored
2.) Head-To-Head Record
3.) Divisional Record
4.) Power Rank 

[SIZE=larger]B. Tie-Breakers, Game
Designate Bench Player to break ties. If the points scored for the designated bench players still has the game tied, total overall bench points will be used as the secondary tie breaker. 

[SIZE=larger] [/SIZE][SIZE=larger]Trading[/SIZE]

[SIZE=larger]There will be no league voting on each individual trade.  All trades are valid, unless collusion is expected.  In the event of suspected collusion, the trade will be put to a vote by the league.  Excluding the two owners involved in the trade, the other 10 owners will vote on the deal.  If 8 of 10 believe collusion has occurred, the deal will be reversed and both owners given a warning.  More than one such warning will result in removal from the league. [/SIZE]

Trades must result in rosters that comply with the rules.  You may be required to drop a player in order to complete a trade to stay within roster limits.  

Owners have a 30 min window to dispute a trade that was a mistake.  In the event of a trade that you accidentally inputted, contact me immediately.

 The trade deadline will be the kickoff of the first game of Week 14 of the season.  

Rule Changes

Rule changes will be discussed in the offseason.  In order for a rule change to be enacted, it will require 9 out of 12 owners agreeing on the change.  Owners can nominate rule changes to be discussed at any time after the Super Bowl has occured.

[SIZE=larger]Fees will be $55.85 (50 entry fee + 5.85 mfl fees) for each team, due by May 1st of the upcoming season.[/SIZE]


[SIZE=larger]$600 total [/SIZE]

6 teams make playoffs @ $25 each = $150

1 points champ = $50
1 Super Bowl Champ = $300
1 Runner-up = $100
150 + 50 + 300 + 100 = 600

[SIZE=larger] [/SIZE]

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