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Devy League Trade Offer (1 Viewer)


12 TM PPR QB, 2 RB, 2 Wr, 1 TE, 5 Flex

1st year of the league, very deep rosters and 8 Devy players. We don’t use K or Def. I’m sitting 5-2 and top in points for now. I have the offer below proposed to me and am wondering if I should take it. This is my first Devy league and am struggling with value, my team is already older and thin at RB. Plus, I really like Sutton. 

Give: Sutton and Holyfield 

Get: T.Y. and Patrick Jacques 

My Roster:

Mahomes, Big Ben, Flacco, Keenum, Rudolph, Kizer

Gurley, Gordon, AP, Gio, M. Brown, Ronald Jones, Lynch 

JuJu, Fitz, M. Williams, Moncrief, Jordy, Sutton, Cobb, Roberts, Moore, Bourne, Hamilton

Engram, Watson, Uzomah, Swaim, Walker

Devy - 

Jake Fromm

Elijah Holyfield, Mike Weber, Josh Jacobs

Kelvin Harmon, Bryan Edwards, Jerry Jeudy, Trevon Grimes

I'd keep Sutton for three reasons. One he has been coming on recently and there is a chance the Broncos trade Sanders or Thomas which would elevate Sutton even more plus he is a better long term guy right now than Hilton is. 

Thanks for the response. This is the way I’m leaning, but having T.Y added for this year would really help. 

Maybe I’ll try a different path. I offered a 1st round originally and this was the counter. 

Thanks again. 

I declined and he came back with...would you do the Gio one?

I Give: Gio and Williams

or 2019 1st and Jones

Get Hilton

Note: I recently traded for L. Miller and Yeldon cost me 2 2nds and a 3rd  

I might entertain the gio williams offer.  I would take advantage of the fire that mahomes and gurley are on this year and try to ride them to a championship.   

After being in a dynasty for 16 years and only winning once, I say strike while the iron is hot.  Opportunities like you have don’t come around often. 

I think ty points this year is worth giving up the future of mike Williams.  Of course I would also try to trade some guys like gio moncrief and Cobb to upgrade wr first.  


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