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Devy - Trade Offer (1 Viewer)


Devy League PPR – 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, 4 Flex  - Sitting 4-1 and 2nd in pts after this week

I'm currently thinking of passing on this offer. Should I reconsider? I believe it helps my starting lineup (next week's a killer), but hurts my depth. How things have been going this year depth has been really important in many leagues. 

Give: R. Jones, A. Peterson, T. Hilton, P. Williams, G. Olsen

Get: M. Thomas, D. Fells, B. Braxton, L. McCoy, T. Cannon

Starters Week in and out:

A. Kamara, D. Henry, M. Gordon, R. Jones

K. Allen, J. Smith-Schuster, J. Jones, D. Parker

Top reserves: T. Gurley, T. Hilton

After Trade Starters:

A. Kamara, D. Henry, M. Gordon, T. Gurley

M. Thomas, K. Allen, J. Smith-Schuster, J. Jones

Top Reserves: D. Parker, L. Fournette/L. Fitzgerald

Full Roster:

C. Newton, B. Roethlisberger, D. Carr, M. Rudolph

A. Kamara, D. Henry, M. Gordon, R. Jones, T. Gurley, A. Peterson, L. Fournette, J. Richard, T. Yeldon

K. Allen, J. Smith-Schuster, J. Jones, D. Parker, T. Hilton, K. Cole, P. Williams, L. Fitzgerald, W. Snead, B. Edwards, D. Robinson, J. Ross, K. Harmon

E. Engram, G. Olsen, J. Hollister, J. Oliver, C. Uzomah

Never mind he did the same trade with someone else except the top players he got back was K. Hunt and B . Mayfield. 

IMO I hate trade offers that get too overcomplicated.  A 5 for 5 trade is just unnecessary.  Boil it down to the couple players that you both really want and make a deal.  


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