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Devy, w/ IDP, 14-Team, Need One Owner (1 Viewer)


1/2 PPR, IDP, Devy Dynasty league; Leaguesafe with majority payout and are entering our 7th year. Entry fee is $50


Please contact aaron.leszman@gmail.com with interest or questions. 

Here's Team 1's Active Roster:

Finley, Ryan CIN QB (R)
Manning, Eli NYG QB
Prescott, Dak DAL QB
Ryan, Matt ATL QB
Thorson, Clayton PHI QB (R)
Blue, Alfred JAC RB
Freeman, Devonta ATL RB
Juszczyk, Kyle SFO RB
Mack, Marlon IND RB (Q)
Martin, Doug OAK RB
Rodgers, Jacquizz TBB RB
Williams, Damien KCC RB
Austin, Tavon DAL WR
Benjamin, Kelvin KCC WR
Garcon, Pierre FA WR
Grant, Jakeem MIA WR (Q)
Humphries, Adam TEN WR
Hurns, Allen DAL WR (Q)
Kearse, Jermaine NYJ WR (Q)
Roberts, Seth BAL WR
Sills, David BUF WR (R)
Williams, Preston MIA WR (R)
Wright, Jarius CAR WR
Brate, Cameron TBB TE (Q)
Hopkins, Dustin WAS PK
Atkins, Geno CIN DT (Q)
Rankins, Sheldon NOS DT (Q)
Reed, Jarran SEA DT (Q)
Thomas, Solomon SFO DT
Wilkins, Christian MIA DT (R)
Brockers, Michael LAR DE
Daniels, Mike GBP DE
Gary, Rashan GBP DE (R) (Q)
Griffen, Everson MIN DE
Chubb, Bradley DEN LB
Floyd, Leonard CHI LB
Morgan, Derrick TEN LB
Perryman, Denzel LAC LB (Q)
Smith, Roquan CHI LB
Smith, Za'Darius GBP LB
Woodyard, Wesley TEN LB
Fuller, Kendall KCC CB
Gilmore, Stephon NEP CB
Ramsey, Jalen JAC CB
Trufant, Desmond ATL CB
Bell, Vonn NOS S
Fitzpatrick, Minkah MIA S
Williams, Shawn CIN S

Taxi Squad
Rosen, Josh MIA QB
Ervin, Tyler BAL RB
Chark, D.J. JAC WR
Robinson, Demarcus KCC WR
Vea, Vita TBB DT
Landry, Harold TEN LB

Jacob Eason
Jake Fromm
Rodney Smith

Here's Team 1's Picks owned:

Year 2019 Draft Pick 1.01
Year 2019 Draft Pick 2.01
Year 2019 Draft Pick 3.01
Year 2019 Draft Pick 4.01
Year 2019 Draft Pick 5.01
Year 2019 Draft Pick 6.01
Year 2019 Draft Pick 7.01
Year 2019 Draft Pick 8.01
Year 2019 Draft Pick 9.01

Please contact aaron.leszman@gmail.com with interest or questions.

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