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Anyone know where I can get free DFS Tennis information?  I accidentally won a $15 ticket to the Aussie Special on DK :lol:  

I was trying to enter an NFL contest right before kickoff a few weeks ago and got the message that the contest was closed.  When that happens DK pops up a screen that allows you to enter a "similar" contest which I quickly accepted because it was so close to kickoff.  Only later did I realize it was a ticket contest for Tennis instead of a regular NFL contest witha cash payout.  Not sure how those are similar, the only similarities are the entry fee, but that's how I got here.

I didn't cash in this thing which isn't surprising.  I did have 2 of the 6 players in common with the entry that won the whole thing so at least I have that (which means absolutely nothing :) ).

But I'm posting this followup to say there may be an opportunity for people who are familiar with Tennis to maybe have an edge in DFS Tennis right now because I couldn't find much in the way of DFS Tennis advice.  Rotogrinders doesn't even have a section for Tennis that I could see.  Anyway, the tournament was a "single match" type which means there are a list of matches and you simply have to pick 6 players from the various available matches.  It's not like a golf tournament where it's a multiple day event, it's a single day DFS tourney with the list of matches for that contest.  You have to stay under a salary cap of course, but basically you are just picking winner from the available matchups.  So with the "ease" of making selections along with not much free DFS information for Tennis at the moment, someone who follows Tennis could have an opportunity to do well, I think.


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