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Did GB block a punt? (1 Viewer)


A guy in my league is saying that GB blocked a punt and it's not showing up on MFL's scoring. Anyone else having this issue?

Yes they did block a punt but the Ravens recovered for a first down. Not too sure if they need to recover it to get credit, but the punt was blocked.

I believe this has come up in the past. It is only scored as a "blocked kick" if it doesn't pass the line of scrimmage.

GB blocked a punt and it crossed the line of scrimmage. John Kuhn tried scooping up the ball on the run but missed it for a fumble and Baltimore recovered it.

Are any of your league's scoring this as a blocked punt regardless of whether the block resulted in the ball moving past the line of scrimmage or not?

Anyone have a link to a reference document that an onsite NFL statistician would use to determine whether to credit GB with a blocked punt or not?


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