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Did the Browns turn around their season tonite? (1 Viewer)

turning point or fluke?

  • This is the turning point for the Browns and they will be a strong team going forward

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  • The win over the Giants was a fluke - they will revert to a struggling team

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Coming into 2008, the Browns were a trendy pick. They struggled coming into the Giants game, to stun the football world by routing them 35-14. Was this a turning point where the Browns will be a strong team going forward? Or was this win just a fluke, and they will revert to being a struggling team?

Like Braylon said in his post game interview, they are finally getting healthy.

DA is very key and if he gets some confidence back, they will be tough.

However, I don't think they make the playoffs, but .500 is a strong possibility this season.

Tough sched but it's gets easier late. It's all up to DA and their OL, if he/they play like this they can beat anyone IMO.

Voted #1, but if there was a 1.5 option I would have taken that.

Too many boneheaded penalties that a strong team just doesn't have.

Having said that, it is too bad that we have a short week to relish the victory - so we'll just have to enjoy the moment.

Thanks for a great game, Browns! :coffee:

Not sure if it will be as juxtaposed as you suggest, but this team has a chance to make some noise. Getting healthier, playing better, more confidence with that win, they could be a tough out. Personally, I am hoping for Winslow to get in there if this offense is clicking.

Browns will be as good as gold for the rest of the season.
I dont know about gold, but they sure looked like they found the O last night. did a great job of keeping the giants off balance. They really need to use harrison more in the passing game. He looked great last night.That said, way too many penalties and a brutal road schedule remaining@ wash, jax, buff, tenn, philly and pitt.
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the answer is both.

it looks like the browns will be much better going forward than they've been, but it really doesn't matter. they can play pretty good football from here on out and finish 6-10. they'd have to play brilliantly to finish 9-7 and they'd still miss the playoffs.

they've still only got 2 "easy" games left on the sched.

it's nice to see some life out of the brownies, but they'd have to be a much better football team than they are for it to really matter.

There will still be some bad games but I think there will be more good than bad. Seems like if we can make it through the 1st quarter in one piece we play pretty well, once DA gets in a groove and the surrounding talent is playing well we're tough to beat but if we're slow out of the gate DA starts to press and bad stuff results.

With last night's win I think 9 wins is attainable (again) and that may be enough to take the division.


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