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Did the NFL do away with the noise rule? (1 Viewer)


I remember watching football years ago and the refs would actually call a penalty on the home team sometimes when the crowd got so loud that the offense couldn't hear. I don't remember ever reading that they got rid of the rule, but crowds are insanely loud now and teams like the Seahawks have even designed their stadium to amplify the crowd noise. QB routinely have to go to the silent count. And yet no penalties are ever called. Did the NFL get rid of the rule or do they just ignore it? And if they just ignore it, why don't they just get rid of it if they're not going to call it?

I thought the rule was no artificially enhancing the crowd noise with sound from the stadium sound system.

I seem to remember something about crowd noise penalty years ago as well. Man that was a stupid rule.

According to the NFL.com rulebook, the rule still seems to be there. Listed under 5 yard penalties:

Loss of team time out(s) or five-yard penalty on the defense for excessive crowd noise.


Guess they just decided that they're not going to call it anymore. If that's the case, then they should just get rid of the rule.

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