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Did you make the playoffs? (1 Viewer)


How many teams did you have and did you make the playoffs?

I went 1 for 1 .... ended up with the #2 seed. Thank you Peyton Manning and Orange Julius.

I had one team.It came down to the final week but I didn't make it losing Rodgers killed me.Next year I think I will splurge and purchase 3 teams.Love this contest.

1 team, #1 seed but the 2-4 seed in my league are very tough. No clue hows this tuns out. I think in this format you are almost better off being a 3-4 seed, no guaranteed Main Event but higher likelihood of finishing in money

Three teams, made the playoffs in two but would consider myself the underdog in both of them. One at the #2 seed (first in points) where I have AJ Green and Desean Jackson on bye, which I'm fine with - I knew going in that they would be on bye and I got the #2 seed by about ten points so if they had their bye earlier I probably don't get that seed and maybe not even make the playoffs as the top five teams were all very close.

I'm the #3 seed in the other (2nd in points, unfortunately I play the highest point total team). Bummed about the latter team because it's a good team and I thought had a realistic chance of placing in the championship round, but my opponent's team is really good as well and has some pretty juicy matchups this week. Oh well, maybe I'll get lucky :)

made the playoffs ... 5-1 t hen lost 3 straight then won out to go 7-4 make it barely... Rodgers & Finley almost sunk my ship

playing a Chris Banks team this weekend, i looked at the regular season, he would have beat me in 4 of the last 5 weeks h2h, so i need some luck, and lots of Alex Smith - Jamal Charles dump offs!

I had a team that started 1-6 then finished 5-6, and was only 40 points shy of getting a playoff seed based on points... just a few bad lineup choices cost me there

looking forward to 2014 for sure, planning on at least a 3 pack, do a team on opening day (late July) then one in mid august, then late August.

2nd year in FPC, all of my best teams have started RB/WR then had 2 TEs in the first 6 picks, so i probably will stick closer to that strategy in 2014 rather than triple up at RB-RB-RB like I did on two teams, which went 5-6

1 for 1. Took the #1 seed with best record and most points. Glad to have a shot at the big game. Also in a league with Banks and he's looking to be in the money in my league.


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