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Dionte-Murray or Cam for Evans (1 Viewer)


Drunken auction draft, mistook Gronk for CMC flipping through tabs, accidentally bid $25 on Gronk.  Now 0-2.  10 tm redraft 0.5 ppr.  Start qb (6 point passing tds), 2rb, 2wr, te, flex, def, idp, k.


QB stream, currently Minshew - teams have backups rostered but that fizzles during byes

RB Chubb, Conner, Gurley, JRob, Gibson, Snell

WR Hill, Evans, Parker, AJ Green

TE Fant


QB Kyler, Cam

RB CMC, Mixon, Sanders, 

WR Marvin Jones, Mike Williams, Dionte, Watkins, Harry

TE Ertz, Kittle

Typically I wouldn’t trade for QB but think Evans may be up and down w Godwin back and His WR’s are weak, so are his RB’s, obv.  Not sure if Dionte close enough to Evans or if I should just try Gurley straight up for one of the QB’s.  Help appreciated! Thx



If you can get it great. I don't see a huge difference between Evans and Johnson.

Gurley for a QB straight up is probably more likely, though I could see the other owner preferring Robinson or Gibson.


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