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Devil's Advocate
These are pressing issues which really need to be cleared up, IMO.

  • Did Coolidge spend too much time in the high post, considering his enormous size advantage?
  • Should Coolidge have even been allowed to play basketball, given his poor academic performance?
  • Would Coolidge really have forgiven Thorpe after he gave Cool's girlfriend a venereal disease?
Why would he try out for the Globetrotters, just a couple years after deciding not to ruin his college eligibility? Seriously, back then someone would have fixed his grades for him.

Why would he try out for the Globetrotters, just a couple years after deciding not to ruin his college eligibility? Seriously, back then someone would have fixed his grades for him.
He wasn't the smartest guy. He even let that blonde broad and her shady cohorts convince him that he could play for the Celtics.

Big fan of the Coolidge Effect, which states that a male will achieve post-climatic erection faster if presented with a different female that the one he first serviced.

True. Look it up.

My favorite Warren Coolidge scenes:

1) Admitted to the school board that he used amphetamines immediately before the Russell game.

2) Stared down pudgy white guy at an "exclusive" country club when he wasn't allowed to golf.

3) Gambled in a Vegas casino, while underage and wearing a sweet head-to-toe pimp outfit.

4) Stuffed Goldstein into a locker.

5) Stole a truck with Thorpe.

Always thought that he played a little small for his size, but when he got inside the paint, look out.

Kind of an average shower singer though - I think Reese and Thorpe carried him there.

Reeves ran a Tex Winter-influenced triangle offense that emphasized spacing, movement, and quickness. Camping Coolidge in the low post would have limited the forwards' options for moving without the ball, stagnating the offense.

Also, while Coolidge was dominant size for LA public high schools, he projected as a forward at higher levels of basketball. IMO Reeves wanted Coolidge to get some experience playing away from the basket, easing his eventual transition to forward and boosting his pro prospects.

In his era, I'm not sure there were academic standards for participation in high school sports. This was before Prop 48 set minimum GPA and SAT standards for college athletes, so there wasn't incentive for Coolidge to even put in minimum classroom effort to qualify academically for college basketball. That said, Reeves suspended Gomez for poor grades, so there must have been some team rules related to academics.

Thorpe banging Coolidge's girl must have been difficult news to hear... But bros before hoes, man. Bros before hoes.

I'm surprised the opposing teams didn't utilize the Hack-a-Coolidge strategy, given his subpar free throw shooting. There are plenty of fouls to give with the JV/varsity scrubs on the end of the bench.

They are rebooting "Coach", which was a much inferior show. It never felt authentic. Nelson has admitted that he was not much of a football fan, and Rob Petrie's younger brother as a top defensive coordinator in college football is one of the worst all-time castings.

Howard looked and acted the part.

Howard stands approximately 6'6", which in high school earned him the nickname "Stork."He grew up in the Long Island, New York community of Manhasset. Howard had basketball in his blood well before The White Shadow debuted. The nickname "The White Shadow" was given to him by the Long Island press in 1961, as Howard was the only Caucasian starter on the Manhasset High School varsity basketball team.

A member of the National Honor Society in high school, Howard turned down several offers of basketball scholarships in favor of a more focused academic education. He is a graduate of Amherst College, where he served as captain of the basketball team
Howard looked and acted the part.
Did he ever.
I know you have pointed out that in the opening theme he goes up to the basket with the wrong hand, and that is a demerit, but when I was young I actually thought he had been a Bulls player.
Yeah, he was coming from the left side so you would think a pro would use his left hand driving to the baskey, but if you look he was bumped first, so maybe he altered the shot.

After watching the clip again, the writers could have at least used real NBA teams against the Bulls - check out the first few seconds before Reeves falls down in pain: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhlUvVxbd24

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