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Disperal Draft - Lot Great Players and Picks (1 Viewer)


American Warriors Dynasty, entering its 4th season, is a two (2) player pool league (1 per 12-team conference) looking for owners.
We are Super-Flex with unique scoring system and large starting lineup. Funds are held via League Safe with $100 annual dues.

The HONOR and PRIDE conference has 4 openings and thus holding a DISPERSAL DRAFT.
The COURAGE and RESPECT conference has 1 opening.
(An owner can own 1 team in each conference - we have 3 gentlemen doing this now).

The Dispersal pool includes, but not limited to:
* FIVE (5) 2024 FIRST RD PICKS = 1.02. 1.04, 1.06, 1.10, 1.12
* QB: Allen, Burrow, Hurts, Mahommes
* RB: Hall, Cook BUF, Pacheco
* WR: Lamb, Chase, Collins, Higgins, Flowers, Olave, Waddle

For Complete Excel List and/or questions, please e-mail me (Daniel) at --- NFLMAN69@gmail.com

Rules: https://www49.myfantasyleague.com/2024/home/16629#1

Looking for 4 owners to participate in dispersal draft with, as you see above, plenty of great players and premium picks !
Full Metal Jacket taken
That leaves only 2 --- 1917 and Act of Valor

once we get the last 2 and all are paid then we will immediate start the Dispersal Draft !!!

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