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Dispersal Draft| 12 Team PPR| TE Premium| Y1 Discounted (1 Viewer)


Longstanding 12 Team PPR TE premium League looking for 2 new owners for a dispersal draft. This is a 20 man roster with 2 IR and 2 Taxi Squad slots. This league has a toilet bowl where the winner receives pick 1.13 and the loser receives pick 2.13. Additionally this league realigns the divisions yearly based on the previous season records. League fees are $75/yr but we are reducing yr 1 to $25. We will hold the dispersal draft as soon as the league is filled with the rookie draft falling in right behind the dispersal draft

Dispersal Pool:

League Rules:

League Setting/By laws:

Send me a PM or email me at ptownboyz70@gmail.com if interested. Please let me know your experience and a link to other teams that you have managed as we are looking for long term members.

Thanks and good luck in your hunt for a new league

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