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Diversify away from Hockenson to McBride in semifinals when I have to start Mullens (6 point dog)? (1 Viewer)


I lost a few QBs (Burrow, Herbert) and WRs (Chase and Dell) in my 12-team PPR league. I am a projected 6 point underdog with this lineup:

QB Mullens (sit Minshew)
RB Swift and Cook (sit Mixon)
WR A. St.-Brown, Wicks (sit Palmer, P. Washington, Mingo and Pierce)
TE Hockenson (sit McBride)

Given my weakness as WR, I am not sure that I should diversify away from the MIN QB and WR combo. Do I start McBride?
I would play McBride but it doesn't have anything to do with diversification. I think McBride will score more.

I am also not so sure I would start Mullins over Minshew.

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