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Divisional Round Game Thread - Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers (1 Viewer)

Jeff Pasquino


Injuries of note:


WR Anquan Boldin (hamstring) - questionable - LIMITED participation in practice - REPORTEDLY GAME TIME DECISION

TE Leonard Pope (knee) - probable - FULL participation in practice

DE Travis LaBoy (ankle) - questionable - LIMITED participation in practice

TE Ben Patrick (knee) - questionable - NO participation in practice


T Jeff Otah (toe) - probable - FULL participation in practice

DT Ma'ake Kemoeatu (ankle) - probable - FULL participation in practice

DT Damione Lewis (shoulder) - probable - FULL participation in practice

C Geoff Hangartner (ankle) - questionable - LIMITED participation in practice

Here we go.

It’s official: As previously reported by NFL Network’s Adam Schefter, Cardinals WR Anquan Boldin is inactive for Saturday night’s NFC divisional-round matchup with the Carolina Panthers.

Inactives: Cardinals

CB Eric Green

LB Victor Hobson

T Elliot Vallejo

T Brandon Keith

DT Alan Branch

WR Anquan Boldin

TE Ben Patrick

Brian St. Pierre (third QB)

Inactives: Panthers

WR DJ Hackett

DB Quinton Teal

LB Adam Seward

G Mackenzy Bernadeau

WR Kenny Moore

DT Darwin Walker

DT J’Vonne Parker

Matt Moore (third QB)

Wow, this could be ugly.
I agree with that. The first couple of plays it looked like AZ was going to be doing something defensively...but Hoover makes the catch to get the first down and then it just explodes. D-Will doing what he does, and then with the D on their heals Stewart roles in. Unreal.
Gonna not want to see a screen pass on 3rd and 17... especially when you haven't really had many successful screens all seasons... and when your primary screen guy is sitting on the bench.

If Edge can run well, I see Arizona in this game until the end and possibly able to pull out the win. Warner is accurate and Fit is simply outstanding.

A lot depends on the Cardinals run defense

I am sometimes amazed at the over reactions expressed here. One good run by DWill and they lead 7-0 and posts say route on.

Not so...

I think Fox is pulling the Cards into a false sense of security only to lower the boom. This game will be over mid 3rd quarter.

Steve Smith is such a weapon. They should use him even more than they do.
They would if they had any confidence in Delhomme. That plus John Fox is super conservative...and given what I've seen from Delhomme I can't disagree with his conservatism (and I owned Delhomme this year)

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