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Do I blow my FAAB on an insurance policy? (1 Viewer)


12 team league with deep bench. 22 players on a roster. It's a Superflex league and I have Josh Allen and Geno Smith as my Quarterbacks.

I'm tied for first place by record and only 3 points behind in total points. Josh Allen is banged up and the Seahawks have a bye in week 11.

Would you throw a bunch of Free Agent Bucks at Case Keenum as an insurance policy? I'm okay with not starting a QB at Superflex, but if Allen misses time or gets banged up worse this week, I'm screwed out of anybody at QB in week 11. Through this week I have only spent one dollar of my FAAB.

Barring injury this week, there are no starting QBs on the waiver wire unless the Panthers decide to start Mayfield. Keenum is just more of a sure thing if Allen misses time.
Do you really think someone will break the bank to get Keenum this week? I don't see that happening but you know your league better than I do. I can't imagine anyone would be spending a significant amount on Keenum unless news comes out that Allen is missing time. If the news is that Allen has a sore elbow but will be good to go, I can't imagine anyone spends anything more than a couple bucks on a flyer.

I wouldn't have an issue spending maybe 5-10% of what you have left but I wouldn't "blow my FAAB" on Keenum.

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