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Do I dare trade Kamara for PIT RB? WHIR!! (1 Viewer)


I’m currently 3-0 in my 12 team PPR league and I’m torn on what to do.  My 2 best RB are Kamara and Ingram and I don’t think it’s feasible to expect them to both be top RB.  I’m looking long-term and want to be positioned for late season.

With that in mind, I’m talking to 0-3 owner and he is desperate for a win.  Do I consider making the following move?

i get - Le’Veon Bell, James Conner and a WR between Emmanuel Sanders, Golden Tate

i Trade - Alvin Kamara

My team is 

QB - Fitzpatrick - bench - Luck, B Mayfield

RB1 - Kamara

RB2 - This week - Gio Bernard - bench - R Freeman, L Murray, M Ingram

WR1 - J Jones

WR2 - D Adams

TE - J Graham - bench - T Burton

Flex - A Cooper - bench - N Aghlor

If I make the deal, my lineup becomes - 

RB1 - Conner or Bell

RB - Ingram

Flex - G Tate or Sanders 

And.....if Steelers Bell, I wind up with an additional RB.

Scoring in my league is 1 pt per 25 yds pass, 10 yds rush/rec with 10 pt bonus if +300 yds/100 yds rush/rec.

10 pts per TD with 5 pt bonus if +50 yds long.

please help!!


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