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Do I freak out about my LB? (1 Viewer)


A. Wilson 5tkB. Simmons 3tk 2atkD. Morgan 3tk 1atkDo I freak out and drop them for guys like G. Brackett, L. Marshall, K. Mitchell, B. Leber, R. Godfrey, J. Porter, B. Kassell, M. Washington, Or Dlineman A. Schobel, L. Triplett, M. Strahan, A. OgunleyeI don't know why I picked him up, but I think A. Wilson is the most overrated Linebacker in the NFL. The guy rarely gets over 5 tck a game and no big plays.1.5 per tackle.75 assist5 int4 sack3 ff2 fr1 pass defend6 td

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I am not a big fan of Wilson myself. You didn't include scoring so it depends if I would drop them or not. If you get points for ints, ff and such then yes I might look at making a change.

Wilson has never been a fantasy stud. Nobody ever claimed he was. However, he is an integral part of the Denver defense, and one of the best linebackers in football. You may have overrated him as a fantasy linebacker by drafting him, but as a linebacker, he is not overrated.


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