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Do I go after LeVeon Bell? Trade thoughts...WHIR! (1 Viewer)


The owner with Bell is 1-3. His roster is:

QB - Deshaun Watson, Case Keenum, Alex Smith; RB - Bell, Sony Michel, Austin Ekeler, Alex Collins, Derrick Henry, Marlon Mack; WR - Keenan Allen, Demaryius Thomas, Quincy Enunwa, Chris Godwin; TE - Zach Ertz

My WRs are Adams, Hilton, Baldwin, Golladay, Watkins, Tyler Boyd; RBs are Elliott, Ingram, Aaron Jones, Jamaal Williams, Rashaad Penny

If I make the trade, I would go in on waivers to try and nab T.J. Yeldon for some RB depth until Bell returns. Corey Davis is also on waivers. The league is .5 PPR and we start 2 QB, 2 WR, 2 RB, Flex (WR, RB, or TE), and TE.

My record is 3-1.

I would do it.  I am in the same position and I moved John Brown and Jordan Howard for him.   I already have Kamara and a bunch of other serviceable RBs until Bell hits the field. At 3-1 I thought the risk would be worth it. Plus you have some nice options on Waivers.

Well given that he will probably grab Yeldon on waivers ahead of you I wouldn't count on getting him but if you can grab him first than yea go for a trade. Perhaps Ingram and either Adams or Hilton might work for Bell.

He did not grab Yeldon off of waivers. Didn't even put in a claim for him. He put in a claim for Corey Davis though but was outbid (by me). I wasn't able to get Yeldon off waivers, and I feel a bit less enthuasiastic about getting Bell considering he could return but still not play this season.


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