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Do I make a move? (1 Viewer)


Hear me out, I've been in this league for about 20 years and made multiple Super Bowls, and have never one. I've lost by a half point, I've lost by a tie breaker, and I've been blown out when my team doesn't show up at all. With the trade deadline coming up this weekend, do I go with what I have or try to make some sort of improvement for the playoffs?

10 team, 1 point PPR League with all TDs counting as six points. I'm in first place with the most amount of points, but I've been there before.

Start QB/ 2RB/ 2WR / TE / Flex / K / Def

QB: Burrow, Stafford, Pickett (Pickett is just a stash for keeper purposes)
RB: Ekeler, Pierce, Etienne, Pacheco, Edmonds
WR: Chase, AJ Brown, St Brown, M Williams, Thielen, Lazard, Watson, Moore
TE: Schultz, Dulcich
K: Butker
Def: Philadelphia


Sounds like you are the Buffalo Bills of your league. Miss on a wide right (half point/tie break) and got throttled by the Cowboys (blown out).

The simple answer is to always be looking to make improvements. That is how you win.

Now really the place you need the biggest improvement is WR in case Chase doesn't come back to form. You are solid everywhere else. Since this is a dynasty league of some sort you may be able to use that to your advantage for improvement. What you need to look to do is improve on this lineup:

  • RB: Ekeler, PIerce
  • WR: Brown, ARSB
  • Flex: ETN
You likely aren't going to be able to do much better than that. Also, I see Schultz as a top 5 TE the rest of the way so really the only improvement for his would be Kelce. Not sure how feasible that would be.

I think you are in pretty good shape and the best trade may be getting a healthy Chase back. Good luck.


I would definetly try to trade from depth to upgrade....
Maybe Pierce + Pacheco + a WR for an elite WR like Adams or Lamb?

Maybe Pierce + Pacheco for a more proven 3rd RB like Aaron Jones or Jacobs?

Id search league mates rosters who are more thin at RB/WR and try to make a move.

Plus trading is more fun
Plus deciding in the playoffs between ST Brown and Etienne won't be fun. Deciding between Pachedo and Pierce won't be fun.

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