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Do I offer a RB for a TE? (1 Viewer)


12 team full PPR redraft
My RBs Elliott, Gordon, R Freeman, Jamaal Williams, Burkhead

My TEs  Njoku, Watson, Gates ( I know 3 TEs, it's a league roster thing)

Anyway, a team who's best RB is T Coleman has OJ Howard and Jimmy Graham.  

Would it be worth it to offer Burkhead in a deal for either before Michel comes back?  maybe Burkhead and one of my TEs for Graham and T Cohen? 

Other TE's on the WW worth any consideraton
Jesse James
Vance McDonald - who I like when he comes back to playing full snaps
Ian Thomas

I would not.  TE's are easier to find and RB's get hurt.  I think Williams has one more week than Jones takes over so that hits your RB depth. 


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