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Do I (the commissioner) veto this trade? (1 Viewer)

14 team league.  Start 1QB; 2RB; 2WR; 1TE; 1RB/WR/TE; 1K; 1D; bench of 6

Rushing and receiving yards scored at 0.1/yard

PPR at 0.5/catch

TD at 6 and Turnover at -4

Trade is:

Davante Adams and Isaiah Crowell for

Josh Gordon and Kenyan Drake

Should I as commissioner allow this trade?  It is receiving a few negative responses from league owners.

Some other background.  The team receiving Adams is one of the best teams in the league.  The team receiving Gordon is one of the worst.  The team receiving Gordon made a trade two weeks ago that nobody originally complained about.  But then after the trade, one person did question it.  This person (the owner of a likely playoff team) is the main person questioning the trade now.  

Thanks for your help.

So you think there is some collusion going on? Because that's the only way I veto trades. If someone gets the better of another so be it. It would have to be a gross imbalance otherwise but my owners are savvy enough to not let that happen. If it did, I would consider removing the more gullible owner from my league. This is not a gross imbalance.

Unless you believe there is some cheating going on then you shouldn't veto it. It really doesn't make sense for the worse team to make this trade unless he still has a chance. I see what the better team is doing here. I have Gordon too and I am almost tired of waiting on him. He sees an opportunity to get the guaranteed upside he expects from Gordon and all he has to pay is Drake who is underperforming. Powell just went out too and it's possible Crowell's numbers get a huge boost.

That owner is savvy. Can't fault him for being smart... unless he is cheating. Other owners have to beat him to the punch. Don't punish him because he is looking ahead.

Please see mine: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/771743-mid-1st-in-2020-for-cooper-dynasty/

Not even close to being unfair......let alone collusion.  What are the reasons people are having issue with the trade?  This seems like a case of one owner not involved in the trade having sour grapes because they wanted one of the players in the deal. 

This is not even close to vetoable.


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