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Do or Die (QB & TE) (1 Viewer)


I have followed the Start/Sit guidelines by the experts down the line and each time I played the wrong quarterback.  Every single time.  I have lost the last 3 games in a row and if I don't win this weekend I will be eliminated from the playoffs.  So the question becomes:  Do I start Herbert (LAC) or Stafford (LAR)?  Here is the basic rundown for each QB per week:

Herbert:  14.38  16.72  30.84  21.28  42.82  12.00  15.82  31.64  13.00  35.28  21.72

Stafford: 24.34  18.22  29.52  20.30  17.50   26.24  27.16  24.20  15.06  11.82   22.98

Had I started Herbert in game 5 I would have won that game.  I lost last week by a grand total of 0.08 points and had I started Stafford I would have won.  Although everybody seems to be raving about how good Herbert is, he looks kind of erratic to me.  I mean, just look at his line.  One week he's throwing up 42 points (I played Stafford, of course) and the next (when I choose him over Stafford based on QB ratings) he's giving me 12.  Needless to say, I need the best QB this week and both Herbert and Stafford are playing some tough defenses (Cin & Jax) respectfully.  The experts say to play Stafford--but I'm not so sure as he has been suffering from some injuries lately and he's a bit erratic too.  Any comments would be appreciated.

My next question centers on the TE spot.  Last week I played Waller--who got injured in the 2nd quarter and didn't return (I had the same problem with Ceedee Lamb the week before in another close game I lost--but that's another story).  I have Conklin (Minn) as my backup TE but F. Moreau (LVR) is out there on waivers.  Now, everyone says to start Moreau but last week Moreau got exactly 0.8 points in fantasy.  Not exactly numbers that I need.  Now, Conklin isn't a great TE by any means but he's projected to get about 7 points (Half PPR league) and if he does I can live with it.  But I'm playing the 4th place team and I need to win or I'm out of the playoffs.  So the question is:  Is Moreau  really worth picking up and starting over Conklin?  

Thanks guys for ANY suggestions!   

Would start Moreau with zero hesitation, Conklin seems like just a guy while Foster has produced when Waller has been out, which he will be. Would start him over better options than Conklin.

As for your QB question, that just seems like a flip, would maybe lean whoever plays the Bungles in case whoever plays the Jags ends up heavy early and they go run heavy as a result


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