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Do you buy the preseason Fantasy Mags? (1 Viewer)

How long do you keep them?

  • 1 month. To the draft. (Aug)

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  • 2-4 months. To the draft. (June)

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  • All season.

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  • Until next years mags.

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  • A looooong time. Reference material.

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  • I don't buy/keep them.

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I was thumbing through a fantasy mag and was curious if others still kept this junk.


I haven't bought anything off the newstand in probably 5 years, but I will still get the FBG mag through the site, if I remember to before they sell out. I only get that one to see what FBG is telling the rest of the world, otherwise, I get all I need right here on the site.

I think I sitll have mine around - I will start keeping them for the year to see where their projections line up with end of year stats, so I know which ones to buy (and trust) next year.

I get the FBG mag online hoping for the lifetime subscription. I buy 3-4 on the Fourth of July to take with me on vacation. I give these to my dad after reading.

I also purchase the pro football prospectus and keep it until the new one comes out.

I got the FBG a couple years not this past one though.

I get an FFI every year because of tradition. It's the first mag I bought 15 years ago for fantasy, used their rules to start the league and now buy one for nostalgia reasons. Wish I kept all of them

I get FBG and Rotoworld magazine. Roto does a real good job of covering PPR info for me. Last two years most of my info has come from this site. One the title last year and starting out this season 6-2.

I buy 1 per year. I don't base too many decisions off of it, though. I use it for travel reading, and use the schedules for draft day references, and last years stats are always helpful without wasting a reem of paper & ink cartridge. I know you can print em out, but it's just not the same.

i get 2 -3. Just like to read up on players, opinions, strategies, etc. I never bring them to a draft, unless there is one that has cheatsheets pretty far off from the one's I put together or use from this site. Then I use it for a decoy when others have the same mag. Throughout the season, I find myself looking at the NFL weekly schedule more than anything else in them. Someone else said they bring them on vacation....that's pretty much what I do to. Just something to read and I'm interested in the subject.

Complete waste of money. They all read like they were put together by high school drop outs and they all have the same formula:

1) Let's fill 90% of the magazine with stats, schedules, etc. anyone can find online.

2) Predictions that some loser randomly came up with.

3) Ads pushing why I should subscribe to some idiot's website.

4) Charge $9 for it.

...don't forget to make some off the wall prediction so your magazine sticks out from the rest! Am I the only one that can see some mag putting L.J. on their cover next year (after KC trades him) with "L.J. is back!"

RBM said:
Usually get one for bathroom material. Fantasy Guru this year. Still have it.
I have them just for my reading material before season starts, easier to read while in the bathroom away from the kids and wife. When it comes to draft day, dont use them, I just use my laptop and FBG programs
I just threw out my kubiak book from last year (the Pro Football Prospectus). I have had it laying on a table in my billard room. It is entertaining to review what the "experts" said was going to happen last year, eg "Randy Moss will be just a cog."

In general though, the answer to your question is "No". At this point, I don't plan on buying any next year, including the PFP.

Even if the mag is a good one, it's just too dated. I use this site as a subscriber because the info is up to date. The magazines come out far too early to be useful. All the info I need is on line, and up to date. Most of these publications are in print before the preseason games... makes them pretty useless to me.

I buy FBGs to support the guys who run this site. usually nothing too surprising since I am on here throughout the year. I also buy one or two others during the summer, mostly to see a different point of view from what's here. I keep all of magazines for reference and humor later. think I have a couple going back to 2002.

If people would actually take the time to read something like Fantasy Football Index, you'd see that it's a quality magazine for both football fans and fantasy football enthusiasts. Sure, relying on their predictions or projections is pointless considering it comes out 2-3 months prior to most drafts and some of the features are a waste (Sleepers/Busts which featured one of each for every team was pointless because they reach for inclusions--since modified for '08; mock drafts which is done two months before they go to press and has even less useful info).

But the magazine is great for a number of reasons:

-Great rookie analysis - If you're not a big fan of college football or only follow major teams and conferences, FF Index does a fantastic job of detailing each of the rookie's strengths and weaknesses, where each falls on the depth chart, and their chances for success.

-Previous year's stats - Such a simple thing, but only FF Index gets it right. The mag features capsules for every team and the key stats for almost every important player. This allows you see which games certain players excelled in, where they struggled, and if their season stats were inflated by strong Week 17 performances which don't matter to most fantasy leagues. Other magazines may provide full stats from the previous year or maybe the playoffs; but nobody gives you the game-by-game breakdown and individual player stats like FF Index.

-Stats that NOBODY else has - Any web site, magazine, or stats geek can tell you that Tom Brady had a record 50 TDs, that Adrian Peterson broke the single game rushing record, or that Kurt Warner played as if it was 1999 all over again. But FF Index gives you important stats you won't see anywhere else. I'm not going to pull my issue out now for examples, but it's usually along the lines of "Player A has the most rushing yards other than only Players B, C, and D", "Player G was sacked fewer times than anyone else besides Players H & J", and "no other player had as many TDs than Player X in dome games vs. divisional opponents." These are all stats that if you read them and take them in can actually help you make the determination when creating your personal cheat sheets between two closely-skilled players.

-Research tools for every aspect of the game - Again, it's not hard to get lists of the best QBs and RBs. But the Index digs deeper than anyone to give equal attention to kickers, offensive lines, defensive players as well as different draft forms like auction, IDP, and keeper. It's great to have this data at your finger tips when conducting research or for quick reference on draft day.

I think a quality magazine like this has a stigma of being a "rookie draft day tool" since so many fantasy owners who don't do research come equipped with it on draft day and they rely on the outdated cheat sheets. I also think it's an elitist thing for hardcore fantasy football owners who feel that only true owners do their research from scratch without such tools and that you're not in their league (no pun intended) if you buy those things. It's a quality read on the crapper, at the gym, or for recreational reading. But it's got great info and dare I say, it knows more about fantasy football, the NFL, and college football than 99% of message board posters, bloggers, fantasy site owners, and NFL philes. Look beyond the outdated stats and hokey cover stories and you'll realize there's actual good information you can use no matter what level of fantasy geekdom you're at.

I'll give a vote for the Fantasy Football Index too. After I found FBG I stopped using FFI for projections, but I still read it to know what the other guys in my league are seeing and thinking. That stats and schedule info are really great too.

I have the past 3 or 4 lying around here. I never throw stuff out. I have one FFI with Shaun Alexander on the cover. I forget which year.

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Update: 2 out of 3 people get one.

And a little less then half of those people keep it in their crapper for a loooong time.


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