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Do you ever start a player against (1 Viewer)


I feel like I might have to this week and am unsure how I feel about it. I have Jax D with no other good options and need to start either Slaton vs Jax or Mendenhall vs BAL. Is it ok to think maybe Slaton gets me 100 and a TD but factor in Schaubs 3+ picks and its still worth starting both? Or go all in on Mendenhall who is a complete unknown?


This is a mistake that some of the guppies in my leagues make every year.

You have to check emotion at the door to be successful in FF. As if not starting your defense will help your RB1 or RB2 go off against that defense. Not really how it works.

The question to ask is "Will my defense score my fantasy team good points this week". If the answer is yes, roll with them. If no, bench them. Don't let your emotions regarding the other players on your roster affect this decision.

Just my .02...

If your RB has a horrible game, most likely your defense will have a great game.

If your RB has a good game, your defense can still post good numbers.

That basically says don't worry about it. If you wouldn't bench your defense if you didn't have the certain RB, then there's no need to bench the defense.

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its simple starts the best you got. would you really want to start a "lesser" defense because they don't face any of your players. no. just start your best what ever that is.

Always start the players that give you the best chance to win any given week. Ask yourself if you would bench Slaton if someone else owned the Jags D. If your answer is yes, then bench him. Otherwise, start him.

Of course. Routinely, actually.

Opening Monday night game of the year, I had AD against the Packers. Am I really going to sit the Packers defense against the Vikings? Sure enough, Will Blackmon takes a punt to the house, and they also got a sack and a pick. Not to mention that Peterson still got over 100 yards and a TD.

What you have to do is remove all offense players you have from the equation, and ask yourself "Who is my best defense?", period.


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