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Does anyone find Sportsline Analysis hilarious (1 Viewer)


About Marion Barber they write: Consider him a No. 1 Fantasy RB

Thanks for that nugget.

Usually their advice is horrendous and i never take it seriously

Cant think right now of all the dumb things i have read there but i want to see if anyone else finds them awfully bad?

keep in mind that there are 8 yr old kids and 65 yr old geezers that play fantasy football, just with a lot less intensity than us. personally, i think their articles are no good for ff because it allows the uninformed to make up considerable ground on those that actually do the research, but for a lot of beginner leagues it probably is a good thing.

the internet has mutated ff both for good and for bad.

there should be an option to turn that crap off. call it sportsline pro or something. that would force people to look elsewhere for the information. it would also increase fbg revenues.


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