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**Dolphins at Bills** (-2.5, 53.5). 1:00 (1 Viewer)

Matt Milano and Taron Johnson are both perpetually underrated. The average NFL fan has no clue how good these guys are. They’re doing a great job of clogging things up and taking the quick easy throws between the hashes away from Tua.
Laughable as Miami continues to look around for others to make tackles

Miami deserves to lose and they lose Armstead in the process

2023 was fun guys
Step off the ledge MOP - it’s Week 4 and Bills holding serve at home.

Mostert putting ball on the ground 2x will lead to more Achane.
Eichenberg getting trucked led to the Armstead injury.

Bills D playing great and the Dolphin defense non existent.
Helluva block from the backup TE Hill on Milano to create space for Achane earlier in the drive. That's why he made the roster.
Ed Oliver being hurt is not at all ideal. Players dropping like flies in this game. That’s the 3rd Bill hurt now.
I can’t believe there were people that thought that Damien Harris was going to be the #1 RB in Buffalo because Cook was “too small” lol.
Would really have liked to see that end in 7 instead of 3 there against this Miami offense. There’s no such thing as momentum in this game Tony.
The Bills have Tua just a touch flustered. They’re making him attempt tougher throws than what he’s been used to this season.
No adjustments by Fangio. Not sure there's much they could do, maybe double-cover Diggs. Cam Smith should see some action soon.
Kohou again. Guy is gonna have nightmares.
It’s 1st and goal at the 10. Why the heck are they lining that guy up 1 on 1 on Diggs way outside like that?! That ball is going to Diggs 100 out of 100 times.
Good question for Fangio, who hasn't impressed me through 4 games. He's the highest paid d-coordinator in the league. Of course, playing Herbert, Allen, and a rejuvenated Wilson isn't easy. But leaving Kohou 1-1 is a bad coaching call.
Calling it an “ankle injury” for White. With how fast his teammates called for the medical staff, gotta think either obvious Achilles or badly broken ankle. Hoping for White it’s a break.
That sack was huge in not only forcing the turnover on downs, but also in keeping the offense from being backed up way in their own end.
I hope Buffalo has some kind of plan for addressing the CB position after this game. I'd love for Elam to come in and surprise, but the team needs to look at the trade market.

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