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Dolphins CB Will Poole tears ACL (1 Viewer)

Aaron Rudnicki

Keep Walking™
Staff member
The Miami Dolphins lost a potentially key member of their defense this weekend. Will Poole, the leading candidate to take over the spot left vacant by the departure of Patrick Surtain, was lost for the season after suffering a torn ACL. The injury typically sidelines players for at least six months, but Poole remains hopeful that he can return in time to make some sort of contribution to the team this season. Will Poole was standout cornerback out of USC who showed a lot of promise in his rookie season. Hopefully he can make a swift and smooth recovery and get back into a Dolphins uniform with out loosing a step.Now that Poole is likely shelved for the entire season, the Miami Dolphins have three front runners competing for the privilege of lining up opposite Sam Madison. Mario Edwards is the most veteran of the three. He is a journeyman who spent his first four seasons playing for the Dallas Cowboys then was shipped over to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last year. Reggie Howard has a few good seasons under his belt, getting significant playing time for the NFC Champion Carolina Panthers two seasons ago and playing the nickel position for the Miami Dolphins last year. The most intriguing of the three candidates is rookie Travis Daniels. The South Florida native played for Nick Saban at LSU and impressed the coach enough to earn a fourth round selection in this year's draft.
http://www.miamifootball365.com/dolphins/w...ACL090505.shtmlThis is bad news. I really thought Poole could be a great IDP sleeper choice this year with the trade of Patrick Surtain.
Whoever starts opposite of Madison should be pretty valuable, no? Lots of targets, tackles and perhaps INT's.


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