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Donations Spike For Burned Black Churches After Notre Dame Fire (1 Viewer)

I was raised in a small town.  The church was the largest building in town, and so the cultural center, often, even for non-church going folks.  I suspect the same may hold true today of the churches in question.  Restoring them is important.   

Did you marry an LA doll, and bring her to this small town?
I did marry a model of mixed race.  I brought her back to the great white north and she was the only person she saw who was not of fish belly white complexion.  She remarked how well she was received, though she did stand out.  I explained that on the weekend of camp opening for the Packers, that across the bay, in Door county, folks presumed that an unusually attractive young woman of color was a Packer wife and so, naturally, she was well received in high-end stores.

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