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Done with Bell? Keenan Allen for L. Bell (1 Viewer)


I've been offered Keenan Allen for Le'veon straight up. 10 team, ppr, 1 keeper (no round penalty). Short bench.

Roster is:

Big Ben

TY, Golladay, John Brown, Kenny stills, Josh gordon

Melvin gordon, Bell, Peyton barber, Eckler, Giovanni bernard

Jimmy Graham



With such a short bench, I feel like it's a waste. The owner has Aaron Jones, so I am thinking I'd ask for him as part of the deal.

I don't see this bell thing getting resolved.

Team is 1-2. I'm about middle of the pack in points scored, but definitely have the most points scored against me.

Thanks for the assistance.

I'll answer yours if you leave a link.

IMO this Bell situation lasts until week 10. So if you want points towards wins in the meantime and even if Bell comes back K Allen will still be scoring decent if he can stay healthy. I would do the trade. GL

I agree with Vintage, I don't expect Bell back until Week 10, barring a trade, which I think is very unlikely.  And once he comes back he'll very likely be splitting with Conner.  The Steelers might want to give Bell 30 touches but Bell could well refuse.

Only concern with Allen is health - he was DNP on Wed and Thurs and LP on Friday.  So if he ends up with a nagging injury that is a concern.  And a healthy Allen would easily be your best WR.

But a healthy Keenan Allen might outscore Bell even after week 11 due to the time share.



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