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Donnie Abraham to retire .......... (1 Viewer)


CB Donnie Abraham notified the Jets this week that he's retiring, his agent said yesterday. The Jets responded by trading for Cowboys CB Pete Hunter, and more importantly, intensifying their interest in former Patriots All-Pro CB Ty Law. The Jets are believed to be one of eight teams showing interest in Law, although his asking price, reportedly about $6 million per year, could be prohibitive. The Jets and Jaguars could be the front-runners for Law, who is still not 100%. ________________________________with Abraham retiring, is Justin Miller ready to take over ?with his return abilities included, I think he can be an IDP producer.any one else think so ?

we have already had the draft in one of my dynasty leagues (53 man roster) and Miller was not drafted.I was very supprised by this , but I was already overloaded at DB so I had to pass on him to fill other needs.now I may consider picking him up and dropping someone else.possible cuts:Akinola Ayodele -LBNa'il Diggs -LBDarwin Walker -DTall of these are probably 3rd stringers on my team, so who should be the first to go ? :boxing:

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The Jets are not convinced Miller will be ready to start at CB.... or they would not have traded for Hunter. Unless the Jets land Law, there will a traing camp battle between Hunter, Mickens, Strait and Miller. Both Hunter and Mickens come off serious knee injuries, so we'll have to see what they have lost in the way of speed and agility. For whatever reasons, the Jets want to use Strait as the nickel back, and he's been pidgeon holed there. Pesronally I'd rather see Miller starting, but as of now, he's on the outside of Mickens and Hunter.


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