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Donnie Edwards (1 Viewer)


From RotoWorld:"Donnie Edwards injured his knee during Sunday's game.The consistent IDP option has been a top five linebacker again. The Chargers will update his status later in the week."Anything new??

San Diego Chargers ILB Donnie Edwards (knee) did not practice Wednesday, Oct. 26, and is questionable for Week 8. While questionable, Edwards is expected to play as he would not miss a chance to go against the Kansas City Chiefs, his former team.
I hope so :sadbanana: :sadbanana:
(Rotoworld) Donnie Edwards, questionable with a knee injury, returned to practice Thursday.Impact: The #2 IDP linebacker this season, behind only Zach Thomas, should rack up plenty of tackles against the Chiefs.(KFFL) San Diego Chargers LB Donnie Edwards (knee) practiced Friday, Oct. 28, and is expected to play in Week 8.


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