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Donte Stallworth injured in hot air balloon accident (1 Viewer)



Free agent wide receiver Donte' Stallworth suffered at least some burns but is expected to be okay following a hot air balloon accident Saturday, his agent told USA TODAY Sports.Agent Drew Rosenhaus, in an email to USA TODAY Sports, wrote of Stallworth, "He's ok. Has some burns but he will be fine."

The Associated Press reported that Stallworth has "serious" burns and had been hospitalized. According to NBC 6 South Florida, Miami-Dade Police said that two people were rushed to a regional trauma center after a hot air balloon crashed into power lines in Homestead Saturday morning. The injured passengers were unidentified.

Stallworth was signed by the Patriots in 2012, but he was placed on injured reserve with an ankle injury following New England's Week 14 win over the Houston Texans.

Without reading any details of the story, I'd like to imagine Donte was running across a field and a low flying drunk balloonist plowed him over.


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