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D'Qwell Jackson and Ndukwe (1 Viewer)


D'Qwell Jackson is leading LBs in tackles... Do u think this continues???

You said on this week's podcast that Dexter Jackson isn't playing this week so Ndukwe might be back to the bench but nfl.com has Jackson as out for week 4... Anybody know the dealy?

Thanks much

Dexter Jackson is out this week.

Injury report

Strong safety Dexter Jackson has been ruled out for the third straight game because of a fractured thumb on his left hand.

The thumb is healing, thanks to pins and screws, but there's no timetable for his return.
D'Qwell is not likely to lead the NFL in tackles, but is prime for a breakout year. Having 9 assist last week, apparently he was around the ball alot. Looking forward to watching this game on Short Cuts.
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D'Qwell Jackson is leading LBs in tackles... Do u think this continues???

Thanks much
I mentioned D'Qwell as a sleeper for this year here.Here's the exerpt:

LB D'Qwell Jackson, CLE (ADP: LB44)

Jeff Pasquino - Cleveland added two big tackles up front this offseason, which should translate to a lot of room to run for their linebacking corps. This is what has been missing for Jackson, as now he gets to go after the tight ends and running backs looking for space over the middle and through the center of the defense. Expect Jackson to rack up much bigger numbers than in season's past and finish much higher than his current ADP of LB44.
The same things that caught my eye are still in place. He's got a lot more room to run this year and I liked him quite a bit for this season.It certainly helped with Baltimore running a ton against Cleveland, which will boost most LB numbers.

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