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Draft 3 teams and get all those players - 10 team league!!! $33 through leaguesafe (1 Viewer)


Run on sleeper. Message me for invite on sleeper my username is ciphasound. We have 3 full legaues already!

Running a very interesting concept league.

10 teams. We already have 1 full league! Draft a whole team and you get all the players on that team. Each owner will draft 3 teams in a 3 round 3rd round reversal slow snake draft. This is redraft and this is a total points league. 2 teams will not be chosen and will be dead teams. Entry fee is $33 ($30 entry and $3 commish fee). I never charge a commish fee but for this league with assigning teams, setup, making sure no one picks up the wrong player etc. AND the twist the pot is $300 (1st $175 2nd $75 and $50 a pot for the interleague champion).
So however many leagues we have of 10 owners for example if we have 4 leagues, $50 x 4 = $200 will go towards the interleague champion and the great thing is you an have MORE than one team across leagues!! You can have a team in EACH league just not more than 1 in each respective league. Total points in your respective league from weeks 1-15 will be the league championship and then whoever has the most points across all the leagues after WEEK 17 will win the interleague pot ($200 in this case). The great part is you can not even place in weeks 1-15 in your respective league but if you have a stellar week 16 and 17 you can take home the interleague pot!

No Trades allowed. Starting lineups are QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, Flex(w/r/t), Flex(w/r/t), Flex(w/r/t), TE, SF. If a player gets traded during the season the owner must drop that player (if applicable) so the owner who drafted the team can pick them up.

Use your sleeper name to pay on leaguesafe and once you have paid please write paid in the chat and I will send you a DM for your league. Once each league is paid and full I will randomize 3 times and we will hold a derby for draft order. This is probably the funnest league I'm part of so don't miss out! Cheers!!!


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