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Anyone have any entries in this? I’ve done 2, May do a third right before the season. Wasn’t going to sign up for a membership this year, been extremely busy lately, but this made it too good to pass up. Spent 50 to get 110. with a chance to win more? I like it. 

I enjoy the change from FanDuel and Draftkings style wise. May put 50 more in before the season for one more entry here after training camp shakes out and to see how their daily play is with the other 25. 

 I’ll post results to both my drafts shortly. I Like my first one, I love my second one. Would love to see what some of your entries look like.

Draft 1 : Pick 11

QB : Watson 6, Goff 11, Rosen 18

RB : Melvin Gordon 1, McCaffrey 2, Royce Freeman 4, K Johnson 5, Riddick 13, J. Allen 17

WR : T. Hill 3, Funchess 7, Agholor 9, R. Matthews 10, Lockett 12, M Wallace 16

TE : Burton 8, Vance McDonald 14, B Watson 15

Draft 2 : Pick 2

QB : Mahomes 10, Trubisky 13, Tyrod Taylor 17

RB : Bell 1, Guice 3, J Williams 7, A Jones 9, D Foreman 11, S Ware 15

WR : A.J. Green 2, JuJu 4, J Gordon 5, Fuller 6, Ginn 14, Ryan Grant 18

TE : J. Reed 8, Clay 12, Hurst 16

Ill go into a bit more detail with y’all tomorrow. Love to throw out my thoughts on the picks to see what you guys think. 

 Gotta crash, been a week with the wife gone and just me with the 2.5 year old and the 10 month old while workin full time. Thankfully she’s back on Sunday. I almost made it. Phew. Sleep is for the weak! I miss it tho. Lol. 

Glad to be back on the boards. Hopefully you have all won a bunch of money in the sports other than football during the off-season. 

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So I went into both of these with a year long mentality. Wanted depth at all positions this early in the year Incase if any injury in TC. Took some tips from the FBG staff from my free subscription :), and mixed it with my own research. Since there is a flex spot, my main draft strategy was to get 2 very solid RB and a 1-2 high upside back with rb1/2 potential in the first 6 rounds. RB market dries up QUICK. Wanted 3 WR by the 9th and fill out depth later while others scramble for RBs.  Looking at Gronk at the end of the second or no TE until the 8th round at the earliest. Really had no intentions of taking a QB before the 10th. I’m a go with the flow drafter, so it’s all subject to change. 

Draft 1 - Gordon and McCaffrey, both solid. Being ppr, I don’t fear C.J. Anderson that much. Wish I grabbed a WR at pick 5 instead of Johnson out of Det. But he was the right pick at the time. RB goes so fast. Need him or freeman to take the lead in their respective backfields. If either does, I have hands down the best RB group. Got Riddick as insurance to Johnson and Allen for ppr appeal. 

Watson in the 6th just seemed like a no brainer. Usually going in the 4th or 5th, right after Rodgers. Mobile QBs are the way to go in this format. Goff is in a high powered offense and can run, and Rosen is just a dart. My favorite rookie QB to produce this year. I have 0 faith in Bradford. I think Rosen starts week 1. 

I like hill and Funchess to contribute each week. Matthews has a decent floor. I like either Agholor or Wallace to have a solid game each week, so I got both. Hopefully Works our. and I love Lockett this year. 

TE I like to get 1 High upside (burton) 1 reliable (Watson) and one wildcard (McDonald). Is burton the Kelce of the Bears? I hope so. Watson should have a solid floor and I dunno what to expect out of McDonald but he is the 1TE in a high powered offense that used to use Heath miller pretty regularly. 

Draft 2

Couldnt be happier at QB. Mahomes, Trubisky and Tyrod check all the boxes for this format. Young, mobile and in high powered offenses. 

Any of the top 4 RB are good to have, I went bell. Picked him because he always finishes strong and is gonna be playing angry. (Gurley went first). Wanted Jordan Howard, but he was picked right before me. Guice is the 1 and I think he has a solid year as a high end rb2. Paired Williams and jones, TY is the 3rd down back, this way I have the main RB in that offense and if one runs away with the job, I’m set. Foreman is a high upside that doesnt need an injury to take the lead. Miller has been pedestrian for years. Ware is an injury insurance play with one of the highest ceilings. 

Lovin my WR. AJ fell right into my lap. JuJu means I got both aspects of the pitt offense. Wanted Ben, but he was sniped 4 picks before I grabbed Mahomes. Gordon seemed too good to pass up in the 5th. Fuller as my 4 I was ecstatic with. Ginn was a game breaker pick from a high powered offense and Grant was a dart. They paid for him in FA, is the 2WR currently and will see single coverage a lot. 

Reed is a high upside pick. Can be a monster when healthy and smith loves his TE. Took clay for safety. Reliable and in an offense void of pass catchers. Pure volume pick. Hurst is the wild card. TE don’t usually break out, but situation is everything and he is in a good one to produce. 

Thoughts? Can’t change anything because it’s locked for the year, but if the discussion helps someone else going into this before the year starts, then that’s what it’s all about. I can show a couple of the other better rosters in each league too for comparisons sake. Just lemme know. 

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