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DRAFT best ball season long (1 Viewer)


[MODS: combine threads if necessary but i feel like the regular season contests are different enough from the championship/mega that it warrants a separate thread]

first observation:  these drafts suck.  even at the $1 level (and i know bc ive done a million this month) all RB/WR seem to go at or ahead of their ADP.  very few bad drafters spazzing for QBs early or doing otherwise dumb stuff.  very little value to be had at all.  im not saying i think theyre unbeatable necessarily, after all i am almost always pretty happy with my team when the draft is over, but just doesnt seem like a goldmine or anything.  curious on other peoples thoughts about this.

i did a few of these back in march and april. Not a huge fan either. I think i found some decent value, but probably by luck. Stayed away from the $1 ones for the reasons you listed above. People just go wild at such a small buy in. Stuck to more 5 and 10 dollar games, way more value to be had throughout the drafts. The place i made the most money on DRAFT last year was in the weekly games. By the midway point, i stopped drafting to get the players i wanted, opened up my tier rankings and literally just drafted on the value that fell to me. People make such crazy leaps the whole draft and with their last 2 picks on "their players" especially. With them being such limited rosters for the weekly games, that value you get is INSANE at times. 


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