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Draft night trades (1 Viewer)


Not sure there's a thread for this, but can people post any NFL trades from now and through the draft? I'm sure the bigger trades will end up with their own threads, but would be nice to have a spot showing them all during the draft.
To clarify, you intend for this thread to be for actual trades that occur only as opposed to us getting into discussions of trades we think will happen or, during the draft, trades that didn't occur that we thought should?
Yes, trades that occured would be much better.
I mean, every thread devolves into a other stuff, but yeah, actual trades would be cool.
Aiyuk or Deebo could be traded it sounds like that would have a big effect on all SF skill players and Purdy plus whoever one of them would go to of course
The Jacksonville Jaguars traded the No. 17 overall pick to the Minnesota Vikings for the No. 23 overall pick, a fifth-round pick (No. 167), a 2025 third-round selection and a 2025 fourth-round selection.
1. MIN trades up with NYJ for QB JJ McCarthy at 10
MIN get: 10 (McCarthy), 203
NYJ gets: 11 (OT Olu Fashanu), 129, and 157

The Vikings get their QB, preventing other teams from leapfrogging them. The Jets get a couple extra picks for free.

2. MIN trades up with JAC for EDGE Dallas Turner at 17
MIN gets: 17 (Turner)
JAC gets: 23 (WR Brian Thomas), 167, 2025 3rd, 2025 4th

The Vikings get a player who had fallen farther than expected (Turner was 9th on Hasan's consensus draft board). The Jaguars add 3 mid-round picks in 2024+2025, which is a much bigger haul than most non-QB trades bring in.

3. DET trades up with DAL for CB Terrion Arnold at 24
DET gets: 24 (Arnold), 2025 7th
DAL gets: 29 (OT Tyler Guyton), 73

The Lions get a player who had fallen farther than expected (Arnold was 12th on Hasan's consensus draft board). The Cowboys add a day 2 pick, which is a bigger haul than most non-QB trades bring in.

4. KC trades up with BUF for WR Xavier Worthy at 28
KC gets: 28 (Worthy), 133, 248
BUF gets: 32 (traded), 95, 221

The Chiefs get a receiver who is a great fit for their offense, who was projected to go about here (33rd on Hasan's consensus board), at an unusually low cost for a trade-up. The Bills improve some of their later picks and put themselves in position for another trade-down.

5. CAR trades up with BUF for WR Xavier Legette at 32
CAR gets: 32 (Legette), 200
BUF gets: 33, 141

The Panthers buy a 5th year option on a player who probably would've still been there at 33. The Bills move up some more later in the draft (on net these two trades basically moved them from 200 to 95), while retaining the option for further trades.

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