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Drop A. Collins for M. Mack? Very short bench/ PPR best ball (1 Viewer)


We can only have 3 RBs in my PPR best ball league. Currently have: C. McCaffrey, N. Chubb & A. Collins. Mack is sitting out there available for waiver claim. I might not even get him seeing as how I'm 5th in line, but it's worth a shot, right? You've gotta think his weekly ceiling is way higher than Collins', and his floor is probably a little higher too seeing as how they used him vs Buffalo this past week.

Anyone? Bueller?

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It doesn't change anything. Neither one is the teams pass catching back and I like Duke more than Buck so I'd probably stay put.



So you think Collins and Mack are basically the same ROS? I don't know about that, especially in a best ball league. Mack's ceiling seems to be way higher. Collins is totally dependent on TDs. I guess I'm answering myself here. Just looking for opinions if people are strongly higher on one than the other.


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