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Drop Devonta Smith for Hollywood Brown or Aiyuk? (1 Viewer)


I want to pick up Brown or Aiyuk off wws..who to drop? Ty'son? Devonta? 

My team QB - Prescott

RBs- Zeke, Swift, Montgomery, Ty'son Williams

WRs - Diggs, Brandin Cooks, Devonta Smith, Jakobi Meyers, M. Thomas

TE - Pitts

K - Bass

DEF - Packers, Panthers

12 team, PPR Flex, 5 bench spots.



I would say drop Jakobi Meyers for Hollywood. 

Tyson and Devonta are more valuable than Meyers. For Aiyuk, I don't think you have anyone else that is less valuable, maybe after this week just drop Packers for em. Panthers hopefully are solid enough in their tough matchup. That you get confidence and can free up the second DST slot for another speculative player. 



I would drip one of the Defenses before dropping a position player.  You can always find Defenses easily.  


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